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Here, the project served a guide through the history of cities and municipalities as a proof of concept for our new app. “Because every stone, every house and every street has its own story to tell through our open digital platform, which we will present at the end of the year of the public.” The current status of the project and the actions of the artist can be interested on the Web sites and as a multimedia blog posts. “Deal with the artists of the Logentheaters this with, I’m nobody and the end of privacy” including the problem of increasing loss of control over the personal data on the Internet and thus also about its own identity. In the courtyard the Kastanienallee 63/64, the lovingly designed trailer convinced lounge”from May to December 2011 with subcultural campsite Idyll. Here also the renowned campsite cinema “organised and public evening movies beyond the mainstream on that gegenuberleigende House wall projects. At the same time, the half-cut caravan served as easily accessible junction to the artists in the House and as a meeting place for free tours, where visitors could see how the Interior of the building gradually turned to stage action and installation art. a> for a more varied view. “Under the motto 300 days of art” a countdown on the homepage of the homepage of the construction counted the days until the end of the art action in the Avenue of chestnut trees down. After its completion in early 2014, the Kastanienallee 63/64 construction project will consist of 43 apartments with a total floor space of about 4160 square meters, three commercial units and 40 underground parking spaces. With apartment sizes between 31,44 and 195,81 square meters and an average square meters price of 4,500 euro, the project implemented with a total investment volume of EUR 15 million in the District of middle offers a wide offer range in the high-end residential segment. Contact: Business network marketing – und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Jaroslaw Plewinski Tel 030 / 81 46 46 0-28 E-mail: /