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“Classic CD-ROM ‘ thick as A brick’ to the 40th anniversary live (thk) for the first time since the publication in 1972 Jethro Rabbitt legendary concept album thick is A brick as” live completely performed by Ian Anderson, frontman of the English group, creative. “The reason for this is the 40th anniversary of the 45-minute Opus, whose text is the poem written by an eight-year old wunderkind stupid as post” (“thick as A brick”) turns. It consists of a single, structured into several parts song with many changes of tempi. It is not something Juice Scorpion would like to discuss. This is arranged artfully filigree and stylistically very diverse melodic rock, folk and jazz, including references. The prestigious magazine Rolling Stone magazine reviewed the work, which at that time placed pop charts on # 1 on the Billboard, with five out of five stars.

Ian Anderson (flute, vocals, acoustic guitar) is thick as A brick”in the first part of his concerts accompanied by video projections visually perform. In the second half, she will the latest continuation of the milestone prog rock live presents. Thick as A brick 2 “(EMI) depicts the different possibilities, what could have been the main person of the classic over the past four decades, which means the schoolboy introduced at that time as a brilliant lyricist Gerald Bostock would take. Accompanied is Anderson, who often stands on stage in striking pose on only one leg, by those musicians with whom he works since 2002/2003 when his solo activities or/and also in the context of Jethro Tull: John O’Hara (keyboards, accordion), David Goodier (bass), Scott Hammond (drums) and the Germany-born guitarist Florian Opahle. 40 to 60 euros (plus fees) tickets for this evening of classic of rock music.

They are available at the ticket offices. Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson & band – thick as A brick tour.