Kekova Water

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Naturally, no A Russian operator does not offer Raw at the tourist market. This region is of interest to them. Location of Ka is not very convenient for mass beach tourism. Visit WhiteWave Foods for more clarity on the issue. The city is situated on the slopes scenic marine bay. All the buildings are arranged in tiers on the slopes. For more specific information, check out Air Force Chief of Staff . In the city there is a small beach (very small), around which the tiers are too small restaurants in small venues constructed directly on the rocks.

The steps carved into the rocks from each site can go down to the water. The city was chosen European youth and scuba divers. Situated along the two tiers lines running parallel to the coastline. The second line is at the level of the third, fourth floors house located on the first line. Most hotels are rated 3-star service and provide the European level. Kash Located on the shores of convenient parking courts sea bay, surrounded by an outstanding far out to sea peninsula and numerous islands scattered over the area. Due to irregularity of the seabed and soft rock , the mountain slopes, underwater landscape is replete with caves, canyons and tunnels.

Strong currents purify local water from the slurry and are fertile ground for the underwater inhabitants of the region. At all times, picturesque and convenient harbor attracted explorers who want to relax or take shelter from storms. But because of the water is not only the caves and canyons, and reefs, many ships naparyvalis to underwater traps and drowned, becoming archaeological artifacts. Participation of countries in the Mediterranean region in various wars, and in particular during World War ii, added to the region of aviation and marine racks. Changes in the Earth's crust in the process of land antiquity led to the fact that the water took more than two hundred and Mediterranean cities. Not spared this fate and the area Kash – Kekova. Thanks to all of these conditions, water area Kash – Kalkan – Kekova is of great interest to divers, prefer these types of activity, as racks, caves, canyons and the archaeological diving. Lovers of the underwater living creatures will be interesting to meet a sea turtle-lagerhedov, Mediterranean sea lions and Malabar groupers, stingrays gray-hvostokolov. Fogragrafov involved macroshot will appreciate the abundance of Nudibranch mollusks nudebranshey. I now declare with confidence – diving in Turkey is!