Kreuzberg Greens

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Joint press statement of the Action Alliance in Berlin under the umbrella of the Federal Assembly GFS to the design of the election program of Alliance 90 / the Greens. The Party Chairman of the Greens is committed in the design of the program for the protection of non-smokers, which is currently governed by the Berlin non-smokers Protection Act. However, calls for an absolute smoking ban as in Bavaria, a small part of ban fanatics from within their own ranks. The Executive Committee of the Berlin Greens apparently rejects a tightening of the existing non-smokers Protection Act. This is presented to the 2nd February 2011 draft of choice programme which, where it means literally (on page 21 in line 583) from his: we for a consistent non-smoker protection, as provided in the Berlin non smoking Protection Act, enter. “The initiative Berlin enjoy welcomes these clear distancing of the Berlin Greens led by the goals of their party colleagues in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, in the Federal Executive and in his own ranks, in contrast, a objections” Call for ban on smoking in restaurants. “Latter belongs next to the Berlin Bundestag Group Chairman Volker Raboy also health spokeswoman Heidi Kosche (MdA), which on a discussion event in the City Hall of Kreuzberg on February 10, 2011, before their activist group the before cited wording in the draft of the manifesto to the mere editorial oversight” played down.

Announced amendments to the national delegate Conference (LDK), to clarify that the Berlin want to ban smoking in all rooms in the hospitality industry, in health care facilities and under the open sky, E.g. in playgrounds and clinic sites, green after the election of House of representatives. Not only smoking, but all pleasure – and freedom-loving Berlin not to patronize wanting to get away, be must watch carefully with regard to their choice in September whether the land Board of the Greens at the country delegates Conference can prevail on the 5th/6th March against his ban fanatics or buckles. Contact: Initiative for Enjoy Berlin e.V. Rixdorf e.V. of East German Association of pipe-smoker smoking tobacco College Berlin Federal of empowered citizens LV Brandenburg Federal Managing Director Detlef Petereit Bundesversammlung GFS