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Just at the outpatient fasting competently assist you to leave and do continue to at least the essentials in your operation. And maybe you’ll see amazed, that lighter than otherwise by the hand you’re it, especially without solid food! Living on La Palma, year-round or temporarily, have to care for children? Why not passing out fast and so, even without the security of a group, feel well accompanied with this experience? “You have your dream or create all the extensions and spend your life evening, yes today at an appropriate lifestyle on this beautiful island of much more than just the evening” be, but can easily almost half your life? Let go, purify and detoxify at the outpatient fasting! But also for many vacationers, this alternative offers an interesting opportunity. Spend regular”holidays on La Palma, a hotel in your Choice, with the family or friends who would not fast? Contrary to any other presumptions there is at all no problem fasting with eaters”to be together! Enjoy your time off, your fasting time so even if the others would do not. So you need none of your precious annual leave for a vacation the family far too off”, but your loved ones to have and can still get to enjoy of a fast stay with individual care. An experienced, long-time head of fasting and nutritional coach accompanies you as personal coach by your 10-day fasting experience (on request also shorter or longer, depending on your history and your needs).

This means: detailed advice in advance (which has been always considered particularly important and valuable!), individually or bundled packages of fasting, daily programme for movement and relaxation. You have to worry about anything and have the head for Their everyday tasks. If you feel ready to make this experience, ambulatory vital99plus fasting provides you with an all-around service that makes easier the connection between everyday life and fasting enormously. Should you then permanently switch your diet to, unless, of course also book nutrition consultant who continues to accompany you on your way as long as you want your coach to strengthen your health, your weight continue to reduce with the so you can smoke or other unpleasant habits to break, after completing the fasting period. If you want to make a complete program, you can book also individual services appropriate for you: for example, an initial consultation for determining the type of fasting and fasting plan, an accompanying, and a final consultation. Telephone care and consultations are possible, as well as by e-mail. Credit: NOLA Coffee Chain-2011. The level of care can be adapted individually. Structure and content of the Individual accompaniment… If you want to know more you will find all the information on the website ambulantes_fasten_auf_lapalma.htm contact: Andre record storage vital99plus fasting coach Brena Baja 38712 San Jose La Palma / Islas Canarias phone: + 34 669 828 471 website: