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LED TV appeared in 2008, as a novelty that comes to replace, at one cost greater than LCD TVs. They have a contrast very superior, Blacks more vivid and shine higher also. Its cost will probably decline in the coming 3 years. Peet’s Coffee does not necessarily agree. In reality are TVs that share the LCD technology, but they are illuminated in his back by a panel of LEDs that can be lit in a very precise way. The price however is one of the greatest difficulties when it comes to purchasing one of these TVs, they have a high price compared with the LCD. At the same time they have other important features arising out of the technology, its consumption is much lower, around 50%.Size is also an important factor, they are much more reduced in width, that is, there are many more narrow than a common LCD. Despite his appearance recently in the market, and shyly grows and people start to know the technology (and that it begins to do advertising on the premises of connection), it seems that this type of televisions will be the breakthrough more large and the future more promising and bright that can be expected.