Learning English

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Choosing the teachers ‘cheaper’ cost, ultimately, much more expensive, because at best a very long time will learn the language, and at worst – and then have to retrained. Do not forget that teach people from scratch is easier than to retrain. In this version depends on you just the careful selection of teachers and the rest – it’s his job, provided that you follow his instructions. When choosing a teacher, it is desirable to focus not on his ‘crust’, and his real knowledge, the ability to explain and ability to develop an approach to practice with you, and inspire, which is important. Test the teacher can be the first lesson and it is desirable that this session was attended your friend who is fluent in English.

From entry level to intermediate (intermediate level of English) are better deal with a Russian man. A more desirable to hire a native speaker or go to the month in English-speaking countries (Britain, Canada, Australia, Malta, etc.) in English schools. 3. ENGLISH COURSES This method study is suitable for anyone who: Has a flexible schedule or work well acquires information after the operation; Can further engage themselves (see paragraph 1). The effectiveness of training courses depends mainly from the teacher, who will provide you with school, but not from the school itself. Should look for schools with such conditions: The group, preferably not more than 5 persons; Teaching is based on British books.

Should be avoided schools that: give a guarantee or promise, that after such a time, your English will be a certain level (in fact, no one can guarantee); Offer of more than 12 people; Take too low or too high a fee for the course. At the primary level – the teacher should be in Russian. If then you will get a native speaker – wonderful! Just to be sure that it really is a teacher, not just native speaker, who has no idea how to teach English. Whichever school you choose, it is best to choose intensive courses (classes 4-5 times a week). Effectiveness of lessons 2 times a week for an hour, without any additional training, practically zero. 4. Learning English in English-speaking environment, this method is most effective, but suitable only for those who: Know the English at least at the elementary level; Have an opportunity to devote time and money to travel, for example, in England. If you are a man, it’s simple. Teach English in a month at home, one of the above methods to the level of elementary. And then – is arranged in a school in England with the schedule of 40 hours per week and live in English family. Return from England after 2 months with good English proficiency. There are plenty of other methods of learning a foreign language, such as remote as the Internet and by mail. But in any case, all They boil down to one of the above, or the combination of these options.