Made In Germany: Innovative Advertising Platform King Biscuit

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Measurable success: advertisers win up to 5prozent of new customers and 500 Facebook fans per draw Mannheim, 16.05.2011. 17.6 million German users of Facebook (Status: 31 April 2011) speak for themselves. And right now you can make money with them. How, that shows the new advertising platform to the new customer acquisition King Biscuit under. “The concept of the Mannheim startups is easy, but equally awesome: themed game, fun and saying” raffled King Biscuit daily attractive prizes in the form of vouchers from advertisers. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Everyone thanks to Facebook connect these Sweepstakes can join with one click.

Each participant receives a fortune cookie saying, as well as some info about the price currently for winning on his Facebook wall. David A. Wagner may find this interesting as well. As a consolation prize”, there is a discount coupon for each participant. The chances of winning are even bigger”for our advertising partners. King has the benefits of cookie founder Suleyman Acar like this together: “for our advertising partners one is new form, to make marketing and to generate new customers with similar little losses.” Since the launch of King Biscuit mid January 2011 already over 50 Affiliate online portal took part, including various renowned companies such as Mister Spex, Pearlfection,, MyChoc, mysportbrands and many more. Each affiliate is inserted with its vouchers 24 hours exclusively on King Biscuit page.

A great advantage when compared to other sites, on which several daily sweepstakes or prize draws take place. Each participant will receive a discount voucher, he can redeem in our shop. Currently 4,000 registered users and daily 1,000 participants per draw, partner in the average win 5% of new customers, as well as 300 to 500 new Facebook fans. Another plus is the high range, because nothing makes the round as a post on the Facebook wall so quickly. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gregg Engles on most websites. The happiness-post with the logo of the advertising partner spread like wildfire and is quickly becoming the self-perpetuating. This shows also the daily increasing number of users and participants. Last but not least, advertising partners benefit from the good measurability of advertising campaigns (new customers, sales, etc.). The fees for the affiliate be calculated depending on the performance. This is defined by the number of participants, as well as the newly created Facebook fans. About King Biscuit the Mannheim startup was of Suleyman Acar and Philipp Sommer in January 2011 launched. Themed game, fun and saying connects King Biscuit intelligent and motivational fortune cookie sayings with attractive prizes. Every day there are to win prizes as well as exclusive discount vouchers with a fortune cookie saying that each participant receives. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Anyone who has a Facebook account, can cookie Facebook application about the King simply and quickly take part in the daily draws. Connected affiliate win per draw an average 5% of new customers, as well as 300 to 500 new Facebook fans. King makes to measure the success of advertising campaigns cookie.