Mechanical Weights Installation

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The first – economic – the high cost of installation. To install the mechanical weights need to dig deep recess from 50 to 200 cm and an area equal to the square platform scales. The depth is needed to establish the linkage system that converts efforts. Thus, despite significantly lower cost of mechanical scales, the cost of their installation is comparable to the cost of electronic scales, which the installation easier. The second reason for the sharp decline in demand for mechanical scales is inability to automate the process of weighing and documentation of the results. Cycle weighing on electronic scales lasts no longer than 10 seconds, after which the results in numerical form may be submitted to the database installed on your computer, and promptly demanded a system of governance at all levels.

In the case of work with mechanical weights requires the participation of a man who must evaluate and record the result of weighing in notebook or make it into the computer database that does not preclude fraud. Today, efforts are being made, including developers and weights to correct past lack of mechanical scales. Way to automate mechanical scales, scales proposed by the manufacturer, more reliable, but it scares the consumer of its complexity. Its essence is as follows. On the axis of a dial indicator mounted disk of transparent polystyrene deposited coded mask, consisting of eleven concentric code paths. They are formed by transparent and opaque to infrared radiation areas. Code mask is a map of cyclic Gray code.