Memory Exercises

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Sometimes I happen to you of which you listened to a song and later you could not remember what was? Or perhaps somebody has said the place to you where lives and soon after you have forgotten it to you? This type of things happens to you of frequent way? If the answer is If, then would come to you very well to realise some exercises of auditory memory. When you practice these classes of exercises more, more developed you will have the memory, and you will stop depending on the obligation to have everything written down in a paper. This type of exercises, is ideal to remember telephone numbers, directions, instructions, list of supermarket and more. Regressive account (Countdown Top Ten): A good exercise audience is to listen to top ten countdown of your favorite radio station. Sonny Perdue pursues this goal as well. You do not write the songs in a paper, tries to remember them without doing it. It listens to one by one until the end, later to try to write down in a paper the title of all the songs, or to where you can, with time you will be improving. Exercising with the companion Another type of exercises that we can realise it is with the aid of a companion.

The game would consist of that begins to recitarte things, like for example directions of streets, a market listing, or any other thing that you can remember. If you would like to know more about Costco, then click here. When it finishes, it is your turn to repeat everything what said. Like the previous exercise, with the practice you will become more efficient and precise. In case you cannot make this exercise with some companion, you can use a same recorder and grabarte later to repeat what has been said (although he is less effective this way). This classes of auditory exercises of memory, can at any time be realised, place, and is a way simple and effective to improve your memory..