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One of the most important issues when you start your MLM business is the approach when it comes to begin to work and contact people that you will follow in the same. And I say approach, because it will have to follow a sequence of steps and, among them, the attitude that you have at the time of contact with your candidates, which will be decisive. At that point, you must show you of more serene. Once signed your license, you should avoid to get out of that plan of action, since another errors that kill prospects is talking about plans of remuneration as the main argument, you exclusively focusing on the economic aspect, painting it all pink, ignoring the essential business and trying to make him see how much that can win in your wonderful multilevel and little else. Usual you encounter will be its defense reaction. A reaction logical and natural; human. Everything is going to be processed as an attack on their intelligence, as a hoax, and perhaps do so with good intention, to protect yourself.

Images will come to your mind of the type fraud, pyramid scam, scam or the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Later, in that State of things, and after seeing that it does not accept your proposal to the first, despite exposing that great plot of weight, you’ll want to explain everything else in another attempt to take it to your terrain, passing to topics like product, the cost of the license (usually little cost in the MLM business), the time to start, and everything in that moment you improvises so that all see it easy, quick and easy to become a millionaire. At this point, it is likely that no longer have their attention on you and the details you are trying to make you see. It will be doubting even if you really are the friend or family member of a few minutes ago. You’ve lost an opportunity, a candidate who would have perhaps seen the business opportunity in another scenario and you, on the other hand, you’ve won your disappointment and lost your self-esteem points. And is that occurs which is a maxim, an axiom in the MLM business, and that it is that much more OFFER, LESS I BELIEVE. It is a proven fact: there is rejection of greater economic expectation, lower cost of investment, better plan of remuneration, etc. And all this can be great arguments raised in the right way, by more experienced people, formal and impeccable presentation and where aspects such as money have no such simplistic treatment. On the contrary, will have to work and spend time, effort and know-how to achieve success and goals previously established.The Executive compensation plan will compensate those who work hard with clarity of objectives, action plan, approach and required patience, and you to set goals and objectives in the medium and long term.