Napoleon Bonaparte

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If you respond to insult you help novice fighters warm themselves. Second, if you are not so peaceful man, or insult you or hurt badly stung if vilification and abuse included the address of your lady for the honor which you have to stand up, then You will have to reason with the offender. The faster the better, not to inflame it yourself and start first. It should be noted that none experienced street fighter will not be that long rant, maximum – say, a threatening phrase, and if it does not work, just start a fight. The first, main and important law states that a street fight, "BAY FIRST!" Therefore we should expect, of course, is the worst. If you have experienced before street fighter, he try to come up to a distance of strong, powerful and sudden impact (usually the distance is within arm's length, or shorter) and suddenly you put it, and then continue finishing moves. The following is important: The first thing to be able to strike a blow himself without a "call" from a long distance (this distance should be much more than arm's length to the face of the enemy), and, of course, the kick must be powerful, Bang Bang, second, ability to see the "calls" the enemy and the ability to outrun an attacker, when he "sounded" the beginning of its impact.

Third, he felt "spinal cord" that the fight can not be avoided, resolutely to attack itself. Here, let me bring one statement of Napoleon Bonaparte: "A true leader (king), wanting war, not avoid it: when it forced her, he should immediately drew his sword first, quickly and forcefully the invasion, otherwise all benefits will be in the attacking side. "If you're coming back late at night on a lonely street, they suddenly saw a crowd in front of a dangerous street fighter.