Nerves Fluttering At The Airport Of Funchal

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The world’s most sophisticated airport air travel provides even if experienced passengers always thrills and excitement. The bird in the air is breathing back to normal again and the flight can continue relaxing. But also the landing is an ordinary adrenaline rush again. on the search reports on a particularly exciting approach represents one of the first addresses after the wildest regions of land’s Funchal on the volcanic island of Madeira airport. The ever-changing winds and volatile weather make particularly dangerous and demanding, the landing so that this airport can be approached only by highly trained pilots. The airport, located nearly 20 kilometers from Funchal in operation is for almost 50 years. The original plan to relocate them inland had to be abandoned quickly.

The prevailing weather conditions a landing would have been riskier. As the number of passengers rose over the years, had to be rebuilt several times, as to small terminals does not have enough space and comfort offered. Today, 3.5 million passengers can be handled thanks to the new terminal as a whole. Over 20 shops and restaurants ensure that arise no boredom or hunger. Some renovations were undertaken to ensure the safety of passengers and staff. This includes about the relocation of the runway in the direction of mountainside where the plane is due to winds of less exposed to the risks, as well as the extension of the runway to 1,000 meters to almost 2,800 meters.