Of North America

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For many people, the discovery of new and interesting things is an integral and essential part of life. These people love to travel, discover new continents and countries, to touch other cultures, learn and delve into their history, daily life, try to understand and draw something useful and new for yourself. For such people can be very useful trip to North America. Continent, which absorbed a great many contrasts and opposites, which became the basis for the creation of new development and progressive society. Here, as elsewhere, the phenomenon is expressed when the great and powerful cultural construct more advanced, the history of formation States of North America is full of contradictions and complexities of conflict, injustice and cruelty. However, it is on this earth people most quickly tried to correct their mistakes, fought for their rights and freedoms aspired to the general equality of rights. But not only the people who inhabit this continent, make it interesting. He concentrated a great many natural zones and regions, geography, and there you can see the huge plains, the largest system of lakes, mountain ranges..