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The music today to connect with the music of the middle ages, is that possible? There are barren, gnarled, but also wondrous ways. They meet the today’s music consumption? The stage makes it possible BBs: the actors bring history to life with their historic costumes, their old way of speaking and their instruments and aptly show the explosiveness of this epoch. There are lined up seamlessly and of course today’s elements of music such as pop and rock in the medieval scene. Music is the protean tools of feelings, as it must be in a musical. Especially when the established multimedia projections fuse image and music for the film, the story and present links. The advance ticket sales starts on April 21, 2008 via all further information under. Martina Kronauer is to see in real life the actor Rosa Martina Kronauer, soprano in the title role of the herb Gatherer Rosa”Munich customs inspector.

Saint-Severin sings in the choir for 18 years, had an early debut as Soloist on the CD Pentaphonika”, will be entrusted again with smaller solo parts and sings just like”, as she describes music as their hobby. Feuerhex however should be a milestone in their lives. Whenever Helen Fry listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Reinmarus Christian Bauer, tenor the Freising stonemason of Reinmarus sings and plays Christian Bauer. Born in Vienna, soprano of the Wiener sangerknaben, vocal studies in Vienna and Graz, various master courses. Fixed engagement at the Landestheater Linz, at the Vienna Volksoper and at the Staatstheater Gartnerplatz in Munich. Guest appearances at the Vienna State Opera, national theatre of Bavaria and other German opera houses.

Now he is freelancing with residence in Garching and travels throughout Europe. On May 2, 2008 he is BBs Chamber music with the beautiful Miller’s wife by Schubert in Garching Severin solo guest. A fortunate and a signalhaftes commitment to his current residence and food point is fit Feuerhex in his schedule. The devil Tobias Mulholland Herrin, tenor with seven years knew Toby Mulherrin (Singer, musician, actor) but that he later would become a singer and performer, but with the invitation to the Tolzer Knabenchor enough wasn’t early that music and particularly singing for him in the future would play a large role clear,. He finished his school career with 18 years at an early stage, thus went to the 10th class of the gymnasium, to concentrate exclusively on singing and music. “Since you got Toby Mulherrin in various band formations for swing rock & Funk and shows to see, as for example 2003 at sat. Read additional details here: Arnold Vosloo. 1 in Star Search” features two live performances before an audience of millions. This summer the 24-year-old with classical vocal training in the musical theatre production Feuerhex as hell can be seen. Learn more about Toby under: tobymulherrin