Our Powers To Obtain Wealth And Happiness

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All people have access to a huge amount of resources, infinite resources, to get everything we want in our lives. Most people are unaware that they themselves are the creators of everything in his life. Everything. Many people accept with certainty the law of attraction, without knowing that a part of the responsibility they accept to accept the law of attraction only. Because according to the law of attraction your you attract all your life, but what about the other things that come into your life, but which do not happen to you? You also create them. You think what is happening to every person upon which you read, you hear or see.In the book I am happy, I am rich, ANDREW CORENTT, explains first how creation occurs.

The author explains how you yourself created the wealth of Bill Gates. If you created the wealth of Bill Gates, for Bill Gates, why not create that same wealth for you? You can do it, you can be as rich as Bill Gates since you created the wealth of the. The secret, for everything in life, is understand that everything that happens to you or someone more anywhere in the universe, your universe you’ve created it. That is a great power. Only you must accept that you yourself, who has created the richness of everyone on the planet. You’ve created the yachts, mansions, airplanes, etc.

You you’ve created everything. Then you must create only, what now you create for others, for yourself.I am happy, I am RICO presents simple exercises and a theory complete to obtain what is desired. In I’m happy, I’m rich, you know, for example, how it really works the law of karma, which, as the author explains, everything is due to a reflection of the inner mind. Your mind. Many people believe that they and the world exist. They and others. When, in reality, there is only a single being that it is powerful and infinite power, and that power, you have it you. That power is you. You should only awaken in you that knowledge and everything will be automatic.The key to all the wealth, knowledge, wisdom, happiness, the joy and freedom, is, without a doubt that knowledge that Jesus said: ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The above quote is presented by Corentt in I am happy, I am rich and also challenges the reader to know that truth. Are you ready to become rich? Are you ready to become a hero? Are you willing to make you happy? Are you willing to become powerful? Are you willing to become leader? Are you willing to become Holy? What you choose is up to you. Everything depends on you. Everything is under your control. Claiming it is your right. Wealth, happiness, power. Everything is yours. You’re the creator.Those interested in learning more about I am happy, I am rich, can visit the site of the author at and download the first chapters of the book. Also available the book the secret of the secret, completely free.