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Should a business model, for example be expanded or newly created, one or more of these parameters need to be changed (E.g. at product development, development of new markets and sales channels). In the context of business development, changes always involve market and environmental and business models adapted continually affiliated. The question arises, what business model works best is? This offered the business model with the long-term highest success probability/odds/profitability for the company. The highest value added business model must be checked but always on a regular basis because the company is in a highly dynamic environment. Thus the business development as an instrument (strategic management) successfully in the company is used, should following, important, points attention see: who is responsible for what? Who is on the team? How long is the time horizon? Which is to come out at this time? How will the success of assessed and measured? When the project is business development”possibly personnel newly composed? For how long remains a team together? And, what happens then? This means that sufficient powers make sure that business development is successfully used for the team, the compliance with the above important points for the project, the mastery of the strategy tools, as well as decision-relevant indicators and a moderate budget. And if all participants are still preliminary informed about the points mentioned, the usage will is increased and thereby also for planning and decision. Official site: Amazon .

And if the company achieved a market share of over 40% level of goal achievement as one can speak of a sovereign work (project). Specific objectives are the development of new market segments and the creation of Partnerships, i.e. it goes primarily to the development of new markets and less technical innovations or new business processes. In particular, projects manages so a business development manager a particular type of projects, for which he required project management skills, marketing and sales expertise and special skills, methods and tools for business development”must dominate. When brand-market-marketing-sales, companies from the sectors of IT and industry such as trading and services are right, if these demanding projects in the field of business development, marketing, sales, E-Commerce, or for these areas require an interim manager. Also in-house seminars or workshops on the topic of marketing and distribution are in the program. Specifically for business relations with Turkish business partners from Istanbul / Turkey personal support and coaching is offered german Turkish business culture in things.