Professional Fishing Courses

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Increasingly, more and more fisherpeople and fishing take the help and support professional fishing instructors and fishing guides in Germany. Thus benefit fisherpeople and anglers from the often long-standing experience of seasoned pros, save yourself this time-intensive effort, and often quickly reach the desired success. For interested fisherpeople and fishing GentleFisher fishing offers nationwide professional fishing courses and guided fishing tours (Angelguiding) with selected and experienced fishing instructors and fishing guides from all walks of sport of fishing. In professional fishing courses, participants learn the fish with different methods in theory and practice, or learn the tips and tricks of successful and knowledgeable professionals with exclusive guided fishing tours in foreign waters. The appointments take place individually after agreement. The prices are adapted to the respective Leistungsnagebot. GentleFisher fishing is happy to assist you also in the organisation of individual course – and Guidingprogramms and offers optimum service from the Advice to booking.