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Motivation: a simple tool to improve the individual performance of groups and Landmarks Magnum Bueno (Educational Institute of I castrate & ndash; INEC) Summary: This material has as objective to demonstrate to the necessity of the application of a motivacional model in a corporation for the improvement of the work conditions aiming at advantages for the group and the individual in inserted it. The objective of this work is not to point a tool as reference with respect to the application of the motivation and yes to demonstrate some of the existing tools without detaching any preference for some theory mentioned here, being able itself to more observe that they exist you vary distinct theories, some with ampler vision and other gone deep. The motivation this gift in each person being able to disclose itself in different ways in accordance with the individual wills and ambitions, but knowing as to influence these wills the company will be able to improve its environment and to reach its goals. In this work also she will be displayed that an accurate theory does not exist to be followed, plus many motivacionais theories in which some must be incased perfectly with the problems perceived for the company. Words key: motivacionais theories, motivacional model, motivation Abstract: Material This aims you demonstrate the necessity of implementing the motivational model of the corporation will be the improvement of working conditions in to order you benefit the group and the individual entered into it. The aim of this work is not tool a reference point will be the implementation of motivation, but you demonstrate adds of the existing tools without highlighting any preference will be any theory mentioned here, can be observed that there ploughs several different theories, adds with to broader view and to other depth. The motivation is present in each person may respond in different ways according you individual desires and ambitions, plus knowing how you influence those wants the company can improve its environment and achieve to their goals.