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Reforms had been effected in all the education levels, imposed from top to bottom, without the participation of the interested greaters? pupils, professors and other sectors of the society. The results are the ones that we see in almost all our schools: raised indices of repetncia and pertaining to school evasion, schools with deficiency of material and human resources, professors pessimamente remunerated and without motivation to work, high taxes of analfabetismo.’ ‘ (PILETTI, 1997, p.114). Then, as Piletti strengthens, the years of the military dictatorship it made with that the basic education was remodelled without participation of the professors in this cash. Michelin Star Restaurant understood the implications. With this the education of the Mathematics was traditional: Professor who explains the substance to the pupil, pupil who decides the exercises (makes, decides, calculates, determines) and professor that correct, without making with that the substance entered in its daily one. 3.0-O Ensino of the Mathematics the mathematics for some always was a mountain out of a molehill and for others it so does not arrive to be complicated, but the truth is only one: Unhappyly we finish to leave one durssimo ditatorial regimen with this the education is passing for a reorganization process. It is understandable that already twenty years of this regimen had been transferred more than, but many people who they had lived and if they had formed at this time still are in our market and some lecionando of this form (not of punitive form, but with the use of it calculates, it decides). Basic Ensino I and II are the bases for the learning of mathematics in Average Ensino, since an excellent learning at the beginning, the way and the end will be more easy to be worked with our pupils.