Raiffeisen Factor Bank AG Brings New Agency: GTF International

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by GTF RFB today announced with Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) contract to take care of the clients the with regard to the ‘strategic communications’. Known as Managing Director of GTF is the agreement concluded with the Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) to take care of the RFB client in the areas of strategic corporate communications today”. A positive change in services, as well as other changes of the internal structure of GTF contributed factor Bank to the encouraging results of this new precious cooperation with Raiffeisen. The expansion of industry-specific service range of GTF was a targeted measure, which provides a perfect complement to the existing marketing consulting. It is promising to see that GTF can offer optimizations in the area of strategic communications a such prestigious customers and is breaking new ground. GTF is directly in the development of new, intended specifically for finance management marketing concepts. With its seat in Vienna, which is this year 10 years existing company GTF is one of the most dedicated and most renowned companies for comprehensive financial management and vendor partner of the present communication clients Raiffeisen factor Bank in the past already.

To have taken over currently also the strategic corporate communications as a challenge, is only logical for GTF that GTF employees know exactly where most companies, financing issues can best be helped and where information and communication should be better designed. And marketing was one of the 3 major business pillars of GTF. International corporations such as DIETZEL UNIVOLT or BOGNER stainless steel use the impressive benefits of Raiffeisen factor Bank, so turnover-related liquidity and balance sheet optimisation is secure. The management of GTF is convinced that specifically in the 2nd 2010 the issue of factoring and the true half of benefits of this product is still more intensively the Austrian company provides are can it eliminates concerns obsolete times and the instrument factoring as a whole and the great provider Raiffeisen factor Bank perfectly is positioned as a subsidiary of the largest local banking group, with a market share of about 15% of the factoring volume.