Ralph Thomas Kappler

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The electricity currently for about 5 cents per kWh will be sold to the German energy exchange EEX, in 2008 at the wedding of oil prices averaging almost 7 cents were it produced the nuclear power according to the German Economics Ministry for 2.7 cents per kilowatt hour. The nuclear companies pocket the difference. Therefore, several pure green power offerings are cheaper as the standard power range of the Berlin basic supplier and nuclear operator Vattenfall today for private households. The energy scenarios of the Federal Government therefore consistently show that the electricity mix is a penny more expensive in the year 2050 about 80% electricity from renewable energies as today’s power. Conclusion: “the Federal Government and the heads of the nuclear companies lie to consumers. Without hesitation Pierce Manufacturing Inc. explained all about the problem. Nuclear power only for the nuclear companies is cheap. They sell what they produce cheap expensive.

Even the cost for the rehabilitation of the ailing repository ACEs now scheduled around 3 billion euros are push up further taxpayer. It comes to the “Nuclear power plants with only 2.5 billion are incident blatantly underinsured pay tax citizens.” So that not even the high so far of nuclear power plants to the taxpayer not enough covered – demolition costs stuck by the provisions, must the nuclear phase-out be implemented as quickly as possible and that as long as even full bags have the corporations. Because the cost of the taxpayer for the radiant remains dramatically increased: in 2011, a whole third of the environmental budget only for the repository search and nuclear power should be issued with almost EUR 500 million. HALO ENERGY Ralph Thomas Kappler