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In this paper, we focus only on certain aspects, finding them is quite reasonable and objective and able to give real help to our readers when choosing a home. So, to your family Life was happy, the researchers first advised to take care of his calm, flowing from the well-being of children. If your home will be available in separate, roughly equal in size and equipping children's rooms exit to the balcony, then the probability of quarrels between brothers and sisters be reduced by 40%. Preferably, the children were located in the southern or western parts of the house. The fact that all children in the world, especially the young and Teens are particularly engaging in drawing, embroidery, modeling of small details, but many people still love to read. This means that the room for them a priori to be lighter.

Now go down to the ground floor and enter into the most visited by the room – the kitchen. Fashionable trend to make food without doors long ago can be traced in the private housing construction, and wooden houses in this area is no exception. I must say that this is not unfounded. Gone are Gone are the days when the kitchen was the domain of housewives, hustle-bustle on her solitude. Open space between kitchen and living room gives a sense of belonging to the economic affairs of all family members, even those who are in this time sitting in a chair and living room watching TV. This allows a woman to not feel lonely when cooking, there is the possibility of visual contact and communication with her husband and children, which clearly positive effect on relationships in general. Bathroom is equally important in the formation of relationships than any other.

It's no secret that even the average number of members of the family in the mornings happen irritating lining – who wash its first, brush your teeth, have breakfast, go to work and study. Morning hassle can be minimized by the choice of a wooden house project foresight to ask the builders to install in the bathroom two basin. Since the houses have bathrooms impressive area, you will not be difficult to separate the shell at a sufficient distance from each other not to push. Some houses on the project have only one bathroom. Therefore, those who love to invite guests or working at home, it is necessary to bathroom necessarily present on the first floor. If you intend to settle in the future in their own homes parents, select the project combined with a separate room or neighborhood with a bathroom, or order the appropriate changes in the project. Remember that the elderly and sick people often need a private space where they could meet their needs without attracting much attention from the outside. All of these requirements is easy to perform, even if you like the project to something they do not match. Modern homes have a unique upgrading and redevelopment potential, so that even the addition of a family, you will not be a problem.