Road Runner

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The entire experience was very satisfactory, 68 seconds of fun and pure thought. Obviously, if my mother would have gone with me, we had never seen the animal, since it would have perhaps told me that there is no sufficient Road Runner! or that the chances of finding one were almost nil. If you would like to achieve 17 seconds of pure thought? Achieve 17 seconds of concentration in a pure thought is more difficult me that make written or said, I found a method that helps me keep myself concentrated and that is writing. If I’m going to do it in writing, I do normally in the form Letter to a friend, and figuratively, i.e. assuming than this that I look forward already would have happened in reality. Then I describe my feelings in detail and I scour both in description that seems to me as if truth were living it. Another way of doing this is to gather a group of people and talking between us on something we want in the future, for example I want to have a beautiful wedding, so during the week that I had to do this exercise with my friends; all did together this exercise imagine this great wedding and talked of how much that we liked the reception, music, cake decoration, and so on., our exercise of the 68 seconds usually lasts from 5 to 20 minutes! Recommend you begin to do this exercise, with things that are not important for you, so over time you will gain sufficient dexterity of concentration (and down your level of doubt). 68 seconds are equivalent to 2 million man-hours, do you believe this? If you don’t believe it, then you are missing out an opportunity to use all This wisdom to your benefit. original author and source of the article