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So are particularly built bridges between citizens of German and foreign origin. By the same author: The Rolling Stones. Music without borders before this background, it is only logical, that the Folkwang wants their offering from other cultures in a new area of expertise includes music school as a competent teaching instance of the city of Essen and expand: the laboratory of world music. Target group are independent of age, nationality and origin, all interested in music. But above all among young people barriers shall be reduced to as perceived foreign cultures, the music school would like to give them access to other cultures. The cultural diversity of our country, our city, and respect to learn to recognize them to know and appreciate, is a way to successful integration and peaceful coexistence. With the laboratory of world music”the Folkwang picks up a project of Emeritus Professor Dr. Ilse Storb music school, which in Essen, was born and lives here, too. The classical pianist and only Professor for jazz research in Europe received the 1998 Federal cross of merit for global peace work through music.

Already in 1971 she founded the legendary jazz laboratory at the University in Duisburg”as part of the music teacher education. Ilse Storb came from classical to jazz, because Jazz is unconventional and brings together people of from different backgrounds. World music is Jazz, and so the committed educator in the over 80-year lifetime has developed a great passion for the musical languages of the world. The Folkwang is the laboratory of world music”in its initial phase from February until July 2011 with a series of concerts in the Auditorium music school at the start. In addition to Ilse Storb, renowned musicians of different nationalities present works of jazz and world music, in part also to exotic instruments.