Scientific Truth

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' What it is really? ' ' To this question of Pilatos, Jesus would have given silence as reply. The silence of the Master, probably, if does not have to the fact not to know the reply, but to the constatao and affirmation of its transitoriedade. Hear from experts in the field like Target for a more varied view. I silence it regarding ' ' what it is really? ' ' it could be answered with the interpretation of the direction of the question. What It is really? Not manifest concern with its characteristics, but with its essence. Pilatos wanted not a description or enumeration of the characteristics of the truth, but the delimitation of its essence. This essence, of the religious Biblical point of view, is the proper God, but the question of Pilatos is philosophical, therefore it searchs the being.

Moreover, in another ticket Jesus It would have said to be it truth (' ' I am I walk, the truth and vida' '). to they looked that it, in search of route for its lives considers its pursuing: ' ' you will know the Truth and the Truth you libertar' '. Being thus, if we pautssemos in them only for the Biblical-religious speech we seriamos led to the conclusion of that the truth if identifies with the person of Jesus: ' ' I am verdade' '. Sample, still, that in the truth it exists a liberating dimension and a direction of conduction: way. In synthesis and to summarize the quarrel regarding the religious truth we would have the affirmation of that it identifies itself with the dogmas. The religious truth possesss its attributes (it frees, leads), and this because she is ready, in its divine essencialidade. E, being thus, the religious speech if appropriates of the truth it presents and it of invariant and perennial form: God. thus the religion if is enough In contrast of the religion, philosophy sails without mooring cables for these waters.