Secondhand Records

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So entstehena from Vinyschallplatten unique gift ideas watches – design made of vinyl the good old vinyl is still popular. Everyone knows it, and has certainly still many well-preserved records in the closet. A few favorite pieces, sure already very old and dusty, recover memories of times past, beautiful. Be it jazz, beat, folk music or the good rock n roll time, everyone will have the one or other record in the closet, he eagerly considered. Certainly, some lovers used even the good turntable to breathe life into some of the pieces with the grooves instead hearing it on digital media, so the feeling for the music is much better over. For many records, the time is stopped.

The Marvel technology has largely driven the good old days. We bring records and so your favourite tunes back to life. Creative and with cities from all over the world record a wall clock is made from a real old vinyl. The subject can you decide and we cut with a laser your desire from the record to. The watch is equipped with a quality movement and white pointers.

Thus it is always unique, because each watch is different, as individually tailored to your request. We have decided, not landing old records on the waste. There such memories is probably don’t belong. In honor kept and newly designed the record although no sound more of when keep awake the memory connect with her. Thus, the record is also ecologically meaningful because as a wall clock for many years joy will prepare you. Their special wall clock from a vinyl record is a real eye-catcher for every room, where a long forgotten time more lives. “The motive of Berlin skyline” still more to follow. Subjects from Hamburg with unforgettable sights, but also as Cologne and Munich are soon available. Also the motif of Paris, enchant your apartment with the famous Eiffel Tower, and maybe even remember a memorable holiday trip. With our A reminder as a wall clock is kept watches made of vinyl. Also you can to perpetuate watch memories from Amsterdam, London and many other places in the form of a record. Also, such a clock unique can be a nice surprise birthday or at Christmas for record lovers.