Shwedagon Pagoda

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Tunis Air t +30 C 24 t of water from the road: about 5 hours by plane (from Moscow) beach vacation in this country is ideally combined with a variety of spas – a procedure that offers them at very affordable prices. Tunisian resorts are famous for its sandy beaches and infrastructure. Vacationing here is always better from September to November and from May to June. The most adventurous can go to Tunisia in July or August, but remember that at this time is sizzling hot. Myanmar (before 1989 – Burma) t air +30 C t + Water Road: There is a world famous 'Golden Stone' – a Buddhist shrine of the country. Admire it best before the rainy season (June – October), at which time the air is warmed to +30 C and not so humid, but from March to May is exhausting heat.

Burma is rich in world-class attractions, such as Shwedagon Pagoda, where according to tradition, kept four hair of Buddha. In October! Air Fiji t 24 C t + 26C Water Road: A plane about 20 hours with a change (from Moscow). Coral Beach – the most popular resort in Fiji. The ideal time for a beach holiday here – from May to October. The second half of the year and please tourists a comfortable temperature of air and water, but November to March in Fiji during the rainy season (intermittent showers) and there is a possibility of hurricanes. Air Mauritius t t +23 C + 24C Water Road: A plane about 15chasov (from Moscow).