Sicily Island

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Sicily is a land with a millennial history. The blending of cultures that you have subseguido one after another and harmonic superposition through the centuries have created a unique place in the world. Today every corner of this large and sunny island, strategically located in the Central Mediterranean as wanting to divide it in two, seduces its visitors with the amount and originality of these beauties. ation. Nature has not saved effort either. The landscape is varied and there are still many uncontaminated areas.

If you decide to spend your holidays in Sicily you can live unforgettable experiences anywhere. It will get you attention the exceptional merger of places with extraordinary natural beauty with an immense and unique multi-cultural heritage. Whether you prefer a trip without fixed stages or you choose a certain place, there are several hosting solutions, suitable for all needs, where you can enjoy all that the island has to offer. You can also find accommodations of all types. Since most economic prices in bed and breakfast at the medium and high in the great number Hotels in Sicily.

A fascinating part of this island is the western Sicily. Travelling through western Sicily atraversaras cities, archaeological sites, rural areas and villages on the shores of the sea, but the most authentic charm of this area is represented by the fabulous coastal zone area. The Zingaro reserve characterized by coves and rocky beaches bathed by transparent water is located in the heart of this area. Inside this reserve is the town of San Vito lo Capo famous for its wonderful beach. In Trapani you will surely seduce you unique atmosphere of its historic center, an old Arab village of fishermen. Along the coast are the Arabesque Pantelleria, characterized by irregular lava rocks, and the archipelago of the Egadi Islands bathed by crystal clear waters. Ranging from Trapani to Marsala, known for its wine, fascinate you las salinas and the piles of salt occasionally interrupted by small mills where the salt worked. There are really so many beauties to see this much Western Sicily.