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Manufacturing technology products and structures made of natural materials of quartz sand and lime were known at the end of last ctoletiya. At the turn of the century it was improved by using steam curing. Without hesitation Emmanuel Faber explained all about the problem. It was the starting point for further development of building materials with high content of pores – gas silicate. Previously adopted the name "aerated" no longer corresponds to today's gas silicate, as required for swelling hydrogen evaporates before curing with steam. A distinctive feature is its high content of gas silicate pores and grains of the filler compound hydraulic binder. Were manufactured gas silicate at the beginning of last century, but only further improve the process led to the creation of cellular concrete of our days. The Mill silicate blocks are made in technology and equipment, Similar import.

In the gas silicate finely-ground quartz sand binder binds to the jelly-like mass that provides the subsequent binding of grains with a grain of sand. In an autoclave of this mass of solid obtained calcium silicate, imbued with millions now. The range of products produced by plant includes building blocks of different sizes – silicate blocks. Gas silicate combines the advantages that can be achieved only by combining different materials. Due to its porous structure at the same time it is massive and easy. On the one hand, it is durable and does not burn like a stone, on the other – has a lightness and easy handling, characteristic of the tree.

Enclosed in the pores of the air leads to excellent heat insulating effect. Since the thermal resistance of building envelopes of gas silicate to 3 times higher than that of ceramic bricks and 8 times higher than that of heavy concrete. Products are suitable for the construction of external and internal walls. In the operation of gas silicate building heating costs are reduced by 25-30%. In the manufacturing of gas silicate used precision cutting technique, which ensures high dimensional accuracy of products. Precise geometric specifications of the products allow mason using adhesive. Compatible products gas silicate exclude the existence of "thermal bridges". Due to its structure, gas silicate easily and accurately the size of sawn, drilled and milled, which allows us to solve the issues of architectural expression. Favorable ratio of weight and volume makes it all the constructions suitable for transportation and allows you to fully use the power of vehicles. Gas silicate blocks