Spiritual Intelligence

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He who seeks the consciousness is consciousness itself Ramon Gallegos the trilogy of spiritual intelligence, consists of three excellent books that its author Dr. Ramon Gallegos has written, reading opens us a new vision for all we have at our disposal a new way to reach and develop this spiritual intelligence, the best of all, which enables us to listen to the flame of beingto hear the voice of the truth without words to hear the flame of universal love. Ramon Gallegos teaches us that spirituality is everything that brings more awareness, more inner peace, reconciliation, compassion, dialogue, helps us all with her live responsibly, we are creative, open, accessible, comprehensive, it allows us to be in full presence, not complicity, understanding it as an intelligent action. Spirituality is our nature, we are born with it but we have not yet become aware of this, us is doing a wrong to live way that this exceptional part in us it does not have present, but simply that know and understand that we are on this earth living only a human experience because we are by nature spiritual beings, and spirituality is the only one that will not allow you know and be will be, she allow us know and be will be, she allow us be aware, be attentive. Ramon Gallegos pointed out that to develop this intelligence we are able to make the best decisions in any field; social, professional, emotional, or spiritual, we got us a mental clarity through holistic practice, in which meditation and self inquiry are its most important components. Spirituality and happiness can not be viewed from the mental eye, or the eye of contemplation we require of awakening of reason, and this spiritual intelligence is the way, to delve into spirituality us will give account to our human nature is only spirituality, but this many of us don’t recognize it by the band covering our eyesIt has not allowed us, we are believing that something need us but that something there has always been only need give us that we are complete there has always existed but the mechanistic schools were commissioned to encourage us that blindness which is the cause of unhappiness.