Staff Recruitment

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To start talk Interviewing is one of the first steps on the path of the applicant to the coveted job. It also serves as an elementary and widely used screening method. The traditional interview is in the form interview. At this stage, the recruiter makes for a picture of the level of professionalism of the candidate's psychological characteristics and properties of human society. Comparing the data presented in the summary, with answers to questions during the interview, the recruiter can more accurately assess the professional experience of the applicant. For example, if a candidate in the summary indicates his many years of experience in a certain area, then a recruiter in advance familiarized with the state of affairs in this industry, several questions can reveal the level of awareness of the real candidate. Costco is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, even a long interview often can not give a complete picture of personality interviewee. Recruiter problem becomes more complicated when it comes to the specific requirements of the employer here is wearing the personal characteristics and psychological qualities of applicants.

And the more modern labor market highlights the needs for special requirements for applicants, the more difficult using a standard interview to find the best staffing solutions. That is why in most recruiting companies almost mandatory part of the procedure of selection of specialist became his score by professional psychologists, based on predefined criteria with the use of specialized technology assessment. This, for example, behavioral interviews, different kinds of tests designed to determine with a high degree of accuracy, professional, business and psychological competence of the candidate. .