State Duma Committee

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Vice-Chairman of the State Duma, VV Zhirinoyvsky noted the abundance of obscure foreign words and complex expressions, which defeats the purpose of the foregoing. Vladimir Zhirinovsky reiterated the need to improve legislation in the field of innovation, as well as the existence of problems in innovation management and incompetence of many officials in this area. One of the ways it was suggested improving the educational system, establishing a system of releasing a sufficient number of qualified experts in the field of commercialization of innovations. Head 'Zvorykin project' DA Koch reported on the experience working with young scientists and businessmen in the undertakings of the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs, the activities and long-term projects and their results; invited to cooperate. In January 2010, Kursk regional office of the Russian public organization "Russian Union of Young Scientists' plans to hold another round table discussion on the problems of innovative development of the Kursk region.

One of the topics upcoming events marked as 'The development of regional solutions to the obstacles (including legal) for implementation of youth innovation projects'. Chairman of the parliamentary hearings, the first Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth SY Belokoneva proposed a draft resolution set out below, which was adopted unanimously by the assembled. The participants of parliamentary hearings, discussing conditions and problems of youth participation in innovation processes, mechanisms, state regulatory and legal framework governing science, technology and innovation, the problem of increasing the effectiveness of innovation Infrastructure note: In recent years, the issue of innovative conversion of the country's economy has become a key for both public institutions and commercial structures and public organizations.