Substance Recognition

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* Introduction to statistics: collection, organization and description of data management. From social sciences * Human presence in the environment. Rules governing school (cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect.) Since physical education. * In charge of the special teacher, to cooperate actively in the project. Since music education * In charge of the special teacher, an active collaborator of the project.

From arts education. * Plastic and visual image in the bidimension as a tool of expression and communication (use of data records, road signs, etc.) * Three-dimensional techniques (armed scarecrows) * Development of perception, recognition and selection of shapes, a textures and flavors. * Reconstruction of images through evocation. * Assessment of contextual reference: reading simple images, recognition of messages expressed and communicated. Since technology education: * Relationship to the Environment: Technical actions and effects on the natural and social environment (target withdraw the garbage, source of water used for irrigation, source of seed used) * The inputs of production: tools, how they are used in the family. Implementation of security measures to use. * Process of transformation of material: so (making a Showers) Substance: soil mix with fertilizer.

* Simple constructions: delimited seedlings. * Production Mode: Description of matter to use (seeds or seedlings), performing various roles, reconstruction of the process (by linguistic means and graphics). OBJECTIVES find many possibilities in the surrounding entornoa kindergarten. Engage and involve families in their own home to make a garden, know the importance and risk of the use of preservatives, irrigation doubtful, etc.