Such Wallpaper

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And when in the second half of XVIII century, the paper learned yet and embossed cover and cheap to print on her colorful prints, inexpensive and beautiful wall coverings migrated from the palace to the house is easier – the merchants and burghers. Today, wallpaper material considered respectable – a natural and traditional. Jill Schlesingers opinions are not widely known. But this does not prevent them from re-"to change the skin, mimicking the materials are very far from the paper. However, they themselves are gone from their predecessors. Now the basic materials for the production of steel interlining wallpaper and vinyl. "On the one hand, – said Moscow designer and artist Anna Golubeva – Wallpaper – material traditional, and for this they love consumers and professional designers. On the other hand, modern versions of this finish is very far from the usual ordinary-looking paper webs. For example, today very popular vinyl wallpaper, quite accurately simulate the appearance and texture of silk and tapestry.

Such walls can achieve very unusual effects, make interesting styling, to realize how "orthodox" and innovative interior design ideas. " Such "flexibility" allows the wallpaper to occupy new niches in the decoration. For example, Russia's wallpaper factory Erismann product offers very accurately reproduces the … tile! And, thanks to special surface treatment, such treatment can be successfully "work" in the traditional pottery places – the kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, demand and handmade paper wallpaper imitating ancient and made Technology two centuries ago. For their release are commonly used natural materials – sisal, hemp, bamboo, fastened on a paper basis.