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House Foundation Architecture

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Imagination is the main element of its architecture – where the appeal to itself, the symbolism, the search for salvation and the study of tangible and intangible manifestations of the features of the Brazilian people find expression in his works. This period begins with the late 80's, with construction Memorial, "Latin America in Sao Paulo. Further, by construction of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi, Museum Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba, the Museum in Brasilia. Currently under construction architectural complex, called The Road Niemeyer (Niteroi). All these works have in itself the main features peculiar to the culture of the Brazilian people. In a newly built complex in the present road Niemeyer and the draft The administrative center of the state of Minas Gerais as an architect would enter into dialogue with their most prominent projects and products. It uses a large-scale architecture, without compromising the quality of this characteristics.

An example of such an architecture can serve as a project of the University of Constantine. "The Russian Avant-Garde" Background Assistance Fund for Cultural Preservation "Russian Avant-Garde" was founded in December 2006 year. Founder and president of the fund is a member of the Council of Federation Sergey E. Gordeev. The main activities of the fund the creation of the museum "Melnikov House Foundation is working to create public free of charge to visit the museum's world-famous "round" houses, which the great architect Konstantin Melnikov built for his family in Krivoarbatsky Lane in Moscow. protection of monuments For applications architecture Facility "Russian Avant-Garde" The Committee for Cultural Heritage in Moscow contributed to the list of identified cultural heritage of more than 10 architectural monuments of cultural and historical significance.