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It is clear that such costs can be several times exceed the initial cost of the car. Some of them can be taken into account, and even plan for the future, some impossible to foresee. Most of these "indirect costs" depends on you – style driving, operation of the vehicle, traffic enforcement. You will say – "That's right! Traffic – a rather dangerous thing. So I have insurance, and the automaker's warranty. Excellent. Now let's imagine imagine that the it infrastructure of your company – is considered above the car. Buying a car – the initial cost of implementing information technology, operating costs – they are there and there and there, a mechanic in a service station – it is your The it department or third-party it company.

Completely functional analogy. Only a small but. You do not have anything that even remotely resembled the insurance – no external structures that can insure you against the financial risks and probable losses in the it sector. There is no guarantee on the whole "car", but only some of its parts – within the it infrastructure you can get a manufacturer's warranty only on the individual components – computers, printers, networking equipment, etc. What are the costs into account tco? Hopefully, the above analogy is understandable. Now let's try to understand that in terms of methodology tco is taken into account when calculating the cost of running it infrastructure. To start analyze the "direct costs: Hardware and software: equipment – laptops, workstations, servers, peripherals (monitors, printers, scanners, etc.) information storage devices, uninterruptible power supplies, expansion cards of all types, network communications equipment (hubs, switches, etc.), cabling, server room equipment, climate control for it (if any).