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Promote understanding of the logistic function at all levels. 10 Promoting training and continuous development of professionals in related areas, through courses and seminars on topics such as: address logistics, logistics commercial integrated us adds the Yraseme Sanoja participant, that the role of market in relation to the logistics and distribution should be considering the: analysis of the general environment (legal, technological, social and economic) to perform a correct marketing study and analyze the reality that surrounds the company because before the changes in the environment, it is affected in the decisions to be taken. Analysis of the competition; to carry out this analysis must locate to competing undertakings; search for necessary information from each of them as share of market, price, suppliers, delivery of the product, location of its establishment, the technology applied, methods of advertising, among other aspects. In the same way buy the situation of competition with respect to the company. Strengths and weaknesses of the company, giving competitive advantages with respect to other companies in the sector health can be determined from the results of research and comparison. Is recommended for making rational flows of materials the following aspects should be taken into account: A complete coordination of the supply, production, sale and transport activities; for this need to apply the appropriate methods of planning and direction of these relationships among if. A complete analysis of flow oriented by provisioning, production, distribution, transport and consumption, associated with the formation of an efficient network of information techniques covering it as a whole.

Preparation and obtaining of the exact costs of handling, storage and transportation for the economic evaluation of the flow. Have availability of product and continuous transport. Quickly to respond to a request. Additional is necessary to emphasize that the cost of any product, increases to the extent that greater the transport component. The most important parameters of a transport stream are, among others, the direction, the volume and periodicity. * Annotations of the Forum of the Virtual Classroom of the Chair of marketing of the postgraduate of Faces.