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In order to obtain an effective rat control two processes are due to carry out. First of all, the handling of habitats, where the deficiencies are corrected and that it is known like passive rat control, later to continue with control of the population, also denominated like active rat control. In order to improve the habitat and to eliminate bad practices, one is due to assure that the management of residues and sweepings is carried out of a correct way. Sweepings and rodents have a proportional relation inversely: to more hygienic conditions, smaller number of rats and mice. Inevitably, whichever minor is the population to control, simpler is the task. One takes verifying of systematic way for years that the areas that have correct systems to store and to manage the residues count on a smaller number of rats. On the contrary the deficient facilities undergo the worse plagues. For more information see Basso Terra. As far as the direct control one talks about, it is important to emphasize that there are measures more drastic than others, and they are more natural, whereas others are it less.

Those are many that prefer the use of predatory nocturnal maintaining the population of rodents to ray, since the life carries out an excellent task of rat control following the natural course of a. Often, to cause the establishment and reproduction of these birds, artificial nests are placed, and so the squared meter costs, to see who says that to one does not marry free If it is truth that this one method is good, and cheap, there are many other alternatives available in the market. The most known they are the toxic product ultrasounds, traps, predators and use. In the case of the ultrasounds, to a large extent of the cases they are apparatuses that emit ultrasonic signals, but in other cases it is signals of random frequency (or nonultrasonic) that you cross solids like walls. They are used mainly in interiors, but its use is in declivity since it has demonstrated that in the long term they are little effective because the animal become to the noise. The mechanical and electrical methods as they can be the traps have demonstrated a high effectiveness, but in enclosures solely closed, like houses and offices, since the use is open spaces is not viable, and can get to be dangerous. One of the majors problems that present/display the traps is the retirement of the died mice, nonapt for people who are impressed with facility. The biological methods, like the introduction of predatory nocturnal, act by means of the use of other animal to control plagues.

As much predators as parasitic can be used. Although usually they are used like auxiliary measurement, has to have itself much well-taken care of since often what in origin it was a solution, it finishes being a greater problem. Finally they are the toxic or raticidas methods, that in broad strokes are divided in two types, acute and anticoagulating poisons. The acute poison is rejected at present by its high danger, to not having antidote available, and because by its fast alert action to other rodents, that reject the food with poison.