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Dentist Risk

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“Day of the kiss’ a life artist on July 6, 2008 starts the day by kissing something beautiful”, says actor Marcello Mastroianni. But the kiss partner should be not only visually appealing, but also pleasant taste and smell. Bad breath affects around 35% of the Germans. Many suspect the cause of bad breath in the gastro-intestinal tract and try to get the problem, for example through a nutrition in the handle. An experiment which will fail in most cases: bad breath goes in 90 percent of all cases of bacteria that reside in the oral cavity and produce foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Additional information is available at Jason Momoa. Known home remedies like gargling with tea tree oil, wash with chamomile tea or coffee bean chewing alleviate the problem, however, is the effect only of short duration. The best recommendation: the regular prophylaxis in dental practices. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant and gain more knowledge..

There are however huge differences”, explains Sylvia Fresmann, senior dental hygienist of the goDentis GmbH in Cologne. Only twice in the year the Cleaned teeth for half an hour is too little and has nothing to do with modern prophylaxis. Everyone has a personal risk for a periodontal disease, which must be regularly determined by a standardized diagnosis and a resulting risk assessment.” The prevention concept “Scan” goes beyond a normal professional tooth cleaning. A personal dental care roadmap is developed on the basis of individual periodontitis and caries risk. Only after thorough diagnosis and assessment of the current condition of the teeth and gums, dental professionals decide on type and extent of treatment.

Follow-up appointments are exactly tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The goal: Risks in a timely manner to identify, minimize and keep permanently healthy teeth and gums. The result you can see, taste, and smell: clean teeth and a fresh breath. Each kiss is so enjoyable! More tips and information, Albimar Schenk


New Research Results

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Preservation and performance of memory in the age by antioxidants possible we know it all: In the age of our body’s performance decreases. But what can we do about it? In obvious physical characteristics, such as the our joints, the answer is clear: movement and joint lubricants as for example in ArtVitum can help. But what applies to the services of our brain? Because the effects of normal aging processes can be expressed to certain forms of dementia in memory errors. It is clear that we can not escape the aging, an anti aging in the sense of the Word does not exist so. Check out Cheniere Energy partners for additional information. There are however what is well-aging, so a healthy aging. Thanks to modern research, we can slow down the aging process and reduce the effects of aging. So, several groups of researchers have proved that by the intake of certain micronutrients and antioxidants the performance capability of the brain can be received and partly even increased. In the current studies, preparations were used, which included in addition to vitamins, especially B vitamins, also trace elements.

These specific compounds seem to do our brains. So, researchers from a research centre of Canada World Health Organization (WHO) reported that with a special composite test preparation in the elderly the performance of the brain, particularly the memory performance increased. The older participants achieved improvements in 6 of 7 cognitive performance tests. MemoVitum the Navitum pharmaceutical company following the results of this research. It was developed for prevention and complementary treatment of age-related changes in memory performance, immune system.

MemoVitum corresponds to the in its unique composition of vitamins and trace elements in important studies of the aging research a IMP. Therefore MemoVitum is just right for those, based on reliable results somewhat against age-related changes of Feats of memory and the immune system would want to do and stay fit in the age. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma under. Dr. Gerhard Klages