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In terms of music to revitalize the brain, provides new energy and available for any learning. Here, Michelin Star Restaurant expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We suggest you use this type of music when the dynamics are carried out for groups. Advantages increases the levels of attention and concentration because of the production of alpha waves, our being harmonizes with the energy of the universe, so the process of teaching-learning flows successfully. It awakens the inner potential. It strengthens and develops the love for ourselves and for others. It a bridge of harmony on the day-to-day interrelations. Facilitates the affectionate encounter from life to life, i.e.

master and pupil tie in its condition of human beings, they are shown trust and love. The relationship becomes more horizontal. Increases the motivation in children during the process of teaching and learning. Children with difficulties in learning and/or school disinterest, increase their participation in activities for which before were apathetic. The teacher also decreases their levels of stress, concern, anxiety or anguish before the difficulties faced daily in the classroom.

Facilitates work in classrooms with numerous and various groups of children, especially on the issues of behavior. Increase the capacity of understanding and generally the intellectual and affective process of the child and the teacher. Development of creativity. It generates a sense of humor. It produces joy of living, living together and produce. Increases tolerance to the frustrations, and personal differences. Increases love. It increases the confidence in themselves. Greater motivation. It awakens the inner potential. Definitely as shown in lahiguera.NET this modernized and westernized learning method uses the reserves of mind to release higher mental skills, how are: the supermemoria, remove the knowledge of our subconscious, mind control, ability to accomplishments higher than those considered normal now, mobilize 90% of the potential of the brain rarely occasions we use. The Suggestopedia establishes communication lines: lines that connect body mind, lines that communicate conscious – unconscious, left – right hemisphere. It is a global and holistic learning, teaches learn to learn, better and without effort, to enjoy learning. The holistic comes to see the individual as a whole. These systems are based on the individual owns logical mind, creative mind and body. In other words use the left hemisphere of the brain, the body and the right hemisphere of the brain at the same time.