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The bite can be seen affected and, if an suitable treatment is not realised, it can happen that the odontologist must extract the teeth. How I know if I have the disease of encas? The same can happen to any age, but it is more common in the adults. Raymond James has firm opinions on the matter. If one detects in his first stages to it, can be reverted. It consults to the odontologist if it observes some of the following symptoms: Encas is reddened, inflamed or sensible? There is bleeding of encas when cepillar themselves or when using the dental thread? The teeth seem to be longer because encas has been dissuaded and the roots are seen? Feel changes in the way in which they close the teeth when biting? It can have exit of pus between the teeth and encas? It is perceived constantly, the presence of evil breath or evil flavor in the mouth How is the disease encas? The first stages of the disease, generally, can be reverted with cepillado correct and the appropriate use of the dental thread. A good buccal health will help to avoid the plate formation.

A professional cleaning carried out by the odontologist or the hygienist is the unique way to eliminate the accumulation of plate that has become hardened and turned into fouling. Its odontologist or hygienist will clean its teeth superficially to eliminate the fouling and below the edge of enca. If its affection is more serious, perhaps it carries out a smoothed procedure of by the roots. The smoothed one radicular aid to eliminate the irregularities by the dental roots, making difficult the deposit of the plate. By means of the programming of scheduled inspections, the disease of encas in his first stages can treat, before it is transformed into a more serious upheaval. If the disease is in a more advanced state, will need a treatment to realise in the doctor’s office.