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The players were good and lasted for aos. The public was identified disadvantage them, l ensemble des quera, l ensemble des is still wanting. P time ac is very different. Started by the vertiginous p coaches disadvantage Gil, and run soon pas players. In these last aos have entered and exited at a faster rate than ever before and hard is found justificacin to arrivals p many p p that is not ms I remember that the cost that caused them. And not be able to retain or Nio Torres Agero, who have left because they understood that the club did not p height expectations. As P Gea, in whose post not there now is esplndido and young goalkeeper, but in task p training for another European club. And est on track p output Reyes, the struggle of the past year.All that is truth, justified mistrust of the amateur to the rectors of the club.But that should not be moved to the field.

Years old I think that future field is good, that the Atltico be better than habr some discomforts of the p field not jump to another that soon is olvidarn.What me is not clear, nor I have been able to clarify, is qu pass if there’s Olympics and the field should be reserved for a few months for your preparation for them, which is not any foolishness: raise the floor, blind low tier, do track and after the same, but the revs. The explanation is that in SBI case the Atltico played during SBI time in field not to build in the new sports city, screened at Alcorcn. But that still sports city is an Entelechy (there are reserved land, but slo that) and I can not imagine that ah lift not stadium which can fit at least all the Atltico subscribers. For qu? Do for those months, the first transfer, if it must be pulled before the Caldern p be finished Pik, and the p to the eventual reform p removable for athletics? Jerseys football Me seems unreal. Sera not expense, not absurd. ES Mycobacterium.I guess that will be easier playing the Bernabu, that the relationships not as bad boy, and that may be. To sixty look the Atltico play not compose parties p p Cup p fairs of the Bernabu, disadvantage Juve and the Nuremberg, by matter p the lighting. And the little p reaching years old the direccin p AS jug all not match against Celtic, p League, because the csped was wrong.Workable Ms I think that solution. But the mistrust between the leaders of the club and the aficin boy p such order that those things not may not arise. That mistrust is a backpack disadvantage which travels the Atltico and it shows in every step that he gives. Although ocean step not as good as announced, the Mayor at the head, and not act esplndido disadvantage, the exciting project p not new field.