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Ludmila Tribes

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So my father wanted to unite neighbors Ludmila tribes, making them more powerful, able to repel the enemy. Ludmila moved to her husband in the city Visegrad, located next to the virgin soil laid down by the city of Prague. Started to build this city Borivoya grandmother, Princess Lyubusha. Young decided to continue the initiative grandmother. Czech people are remembered and honored the great-grandmother of Grand Duke. AND Ludmila decided to strongly resemble the Grand Duchess. Adjacent to the Czechs lived Morava.

Grand Prince Rostislav of Moravia freed his country from the yoke of authority Germans. He called out from Constantinople, Cyril and Methodius to create Church, independent from the German. The brothers created the Slavic alphabet and the first to master it Morava. They translated the Holy Scriptures, and the Slavic people have heard and embraced the Faith of the Lord. Ludmila and Borivoje took the Orthodox faith with all soul. They came in and asked for Velehrad Archbishop Methodius baptize them. He agreed with a light heart, first explaining to them the basics of the Orthodox faith. To study the letters gave her students much.

From Garazd and other students Methodius received the baptism of the Lord and the people of Czech. Twenty years have lived happily married couple. During this time, the Grand Duke with Prince Svyatopolk, Rostislav's nephew, went to battle to protect the Slavic lands of the enemies. The prince did not hide behind retainers in each battle, he always comes to fight in the forefront.