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The province of Mendoza in the West of the Argentina Republic occupies a surface of almost 150,000 km. Mendoza idiosyncrasy has been forged over the centuries by the constant struggle against the elements of nature, trying to conquer not only the towering peaks of the Andean massif but also the arid and semiarid climate that prevails in the region. Thus, populations are concentrated around the large amount of valles andinos, of incomparable beauty, and many water courses that take advantage both for human consumption and for the cultivation of an ingenious and technologically modern way. The province offers a proposal for tourism in Mendoza year-round, in winter when many ski resorts available profited the most, both in summer, where activities to tourism and outdoor adventure donde las actividades a el aire libre y el turismo aventura are the order of the day. blicly. Communications towards Mendoza Province are very fluid, with roads and freeways in excellent condition, both in North-South direction, as East-West. In addition the city of Mendoza has with the International Airport of Plumerillo, which receives an important influx of passengers both in Argentina and the rest of Latin America. The mendocino climate is predominantly Mediterranean, although there are lots of places with particular microclimates due to interaction of the winds and the high Andean peaks. Anyway, a common denominator in the region is the enormous amount of average sunny days per year, and the little amount of rainfall.

The weather tends to be rather dry, contributing to the arid nature. However there are numerous oases built by man, forming beautiful places to discover and enjoy. The city of Mendoza has an architectural design of advanced, where we sought to prioritize the green spaces and the contact with nature. Towards the year 1865 a devastating earthquake ended with a quarter of the local population, and it was from the need to rebuild this urban center that was carefully planned your design with a main square and four smaller squares around this. Mendoza is probably one of the cities of the world with greater amount of green space per inhabitant. There are lots of hotels in Mendoza and other services designed to develop and strengthen the tourism industry, which in recent years has grown unabated in the region.