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Apple Macbook Air

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Since the publication of the first reviews Apple Macbook Air, probably, many had the impression that he is perfect. Ideal, but only in terms of design for unsurpassed laptop. The downside – the average technical ability. And the most a close competitor, which could cover all the shortcomings of the MacBook is the Lenovo ThinkPad X300. Just today, we will compare both of these models.

ThinkPad on the left, MacBook right. 'The Dark Side of force against the light', you'd think both laptops thought of as direct competitors. Already, the first advantage of significantly X300 – connectors, they are more than the Macbook Air. On one of the back of the laptop Lenovo includes: a connector for power output RGB, ethernet port and a port USB 2.0. How many ports on the same side on MacBook? – Not at all. Look at the top.

MacBook charms, some he even seems weightless. Who knows, the thickness of offspring Lenovo does not exceed 19 mm and weight of this laptop is 1.33 kg. The front panel at the X300 more fortified and does not create problems with wireless connectivity, as was seen in the Air. In this photo Macbook Air got the best of x300. The difference in size is not significant for both, especially the length and width. However, the height (or thickness) of each model – a single story. More on x300 can cover uglyadet several LEDs on the MacBook can not be the last. If weight and height of the laptop was fundamental for us, the victory won in this competition would Macbook Air. Only here the x300 is also not of the 'thick'. In fact, he weighs less than the Macbook – 1,33 vs. 1,36 kg. And at the same height of only 18.54 ThinkPad'a suprotiv mm 19.3 mm in Air. Yes, in some places the thickness of Macbook comes to a record of 4 mm, but the X300 is still thinner. But wanting to believe in the truth of reason is not enough. On the left side at x300 has two additional ports USB, a MacBook – power connector. For no one, no secret that there are too little Macbook Air connections: one jack, one USB and one jack Micro-DVI. On the x300 still has input for a microphone. Little the fact that the ThinkPad x300 richer life of the battery, plugs any more, so he still has an optical drive! And the built-in. Yes, a new generation of MacBook has room to grow. Looking at both the laptop from the top shows that this model has left the keys more and they are denser than the model on the right. Like all notebooks ThinkPad, X300 model ingenious device for cursor control – TrackPoint. This small red, God forgive me, 'gum' allows without taking your hands with keyboard to control the cursor on the screen. Some function TrackPoint love, others hate, but it is. (And it's not a Macbook Air). What is not at the keyboard x300, so it's light. What a pity. But next to the display is an LED that this very illuminates the keyboard. But the technical idea of this kind is beyond the scope of our review … Thus, we assume that a formal comparison of the two rivals is over. Let the review turned out a little, but now you have opportunity to get a general idea of the two lightest and most delicate of competing models on the market of portable computers. Who won? Everyone decides for themselves. Source: bit-digest.ru