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Grandmother Elizabeth

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It makes sense for example that my mother and my brothers did not accept my wife, by his nature, but I do accept, and she to me, because we want and accept ourselves as we are, and this does not mean I want to leave my mother and my brothers, is completely different. I do not think that because they do not accept my wife, I also do not accept me, would be falling into a terrible mistake. I know my mom and I want my brothers. What if I think is wrong, and I disagree is that, by not wanting Adriana know some things that happen in their lives, I tell it to me. That in my view is that, having no confidence in my wife, not have it in me. Music downloads has similar goals. Adriana It's like her family to hide things that I did not find out, which incidentally is the opposite.

I tell you all this not with the intention of wanting to say I'm upset or I feel bad about this, but to reflect and think that some things are wrong. Do not ask you to accept my wife as I accept, but understand the differences of things and I do not hide their successes and failures in their lives. Because I do not think I could say anything because I am not interested, then by logical effect, did not they would interest me? What I also believe that this very badly, is that we have hidden the pregnancy of our niece Milagros goddaughter. Almost until the last moment of his birth we learned, and this really felt sorry for me and made me think that suddenly did not want us find out. Do you realize what you may think if you hide things? The height of misunderstanding is to think also that my wife Adriana, tell me what I have to do, for example, and, as at the end, she tells me I have to write this letter. That would be to think that I have no choice, and that would offend me, I would describe as an incompetent, intellectually speaking.

In conclusion, I tell you that for me is very clear the love I feel for my mother and my brothers, I accept them as they are, because I really love. I hope not to be a bit rude to say this, but I do not accept anyone tell me if I want, or do not want, or if I remember them or not. I always think of my mother and my brothers, every moment, in the pleasant moments spent with them when I was single, and at times unpleasant, my fault that I made happen. Premium with all the love in the world, I've told all these things, because I love you, I love my Uncle Joe, Aunt Martha, my cousins and I always remember all good times we had together with Adriana when it some years ago we visited. I love the memory of our Grandmother Elizabeth, she also spend pleasant moments when we went to visit your dad, Trujillo. Well I say goodbye, awaiting your response. Waiting for your news I send you all the love of God: Andrew. '.