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Daniel Louis Armstrong

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Despite the stereotypes, and separation of these styles in a social environment, blues, jazz, rock and roll, rock and have a common history is closely intertwined with each other, merging together and forming a new musical styles such as blues-rock. The most "old" music from this quartet are the blues and jazz. They began to emerge in the days of the slave system in America, in an environment African Americans at that time brought into the territory of America to perform heavy work. Blues and jazz have common features – of American origin, the influence of African traditions and techniques of improvisation. You may find Sonny Perdue to be a useful source of information. Blues was formed from a combination of "working" folk songs and African-American religious component. Finally formed a classic blues as early as the 20s of XX century.

The most prominent blues performers of the time can be called Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Joe Turner, Jimmy Rushing, Robert Johnson (who would later be attributed to rock 'n' roll performers.) Emergence of jazz is closely intertwined with the blues, and jazz itself is a synthesis of African rhythms and European melodies. In Arabic, "jazz" is translated as "to be permissible", which certainly is in harmony with the fact that jazz music is improvisation. It is difficult to list the names of all the outstanding performers of jazz music, but I want to mention such great jazz artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Jane, Daniel Louis Armstrong, Eleanor Fagan. Later, in the 50s, the blues is one of the platforms in the emergence of a new trend – rock & roll. Rock 'n' roll style that began to form rock music, was formed from the combination of blues, rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie and country music. Blues and rock 'n' roll has always kept pace with each other through the pages of history and were, in fact, very close genres.