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This kind of power has virtually no contraindications, and the result of it exceeds all expectations. With this method a month you can get rid of the six extra pounds. Eat often is a fraction food. Learn more about this with Sonny Perdue. The main purpose of this diet – to determine the number of servings and snacks. According to Grazing, eating as often as needed. This is explained as follows. In our bodies there is a specific hormone – ghrelin. He produced by the gastric mucosa and causes a feeling of hunger.

If you hold a long break between meals, ghrelin is produced is very active. If there is a small, frequent meals, ghrelin production suspended and the feeling of hunger little worried. Calculate the calories in a day Since we are awake about 16 hours, then daily to arrange for at least five or six meals. Prior to compliance Grazing rules counting the number of calories you consume daily. Financial planner spoke with conviction. Break this total by the number of snacks. So you can determine how many calories you should eat during each meal. Own rate of saturation can be determined as follows.

During the next meal try to eat slowly, slowly, chew each bite. When you understand that food does not cause you have fun, stop. This is your rate of saturation. The next time you need this in mind. Watch your diet! Try to choose only healthy foods. Grazing permits feeding yogurt, bread, eggs, fish, chicken, cereals, meat, vegetables and fruits. From potatoes, pasta and fast food should be abandoned. Reducing the intake of fat, you can significantly reduce the calorie content and daily menus, which will reduce the overall weight. Do not forget about water! Adhering This power supply system, do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids. Ideally, you need to drink at least eight glasses a day, preferring mineral sparkling water. This not only helps keep your weight under control, but also normalize fluid and electrolyte balance.