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Not it can by all means underestimate in no way to be very careful in the election of lodging for the vacations considering not only the factor price, very important, but also the reliability of the salesman. People such as James Cleith Phillips would likely agree. The advice is always the one to verify with attention, in Internet or in an agency, whatever is possible, that there is a correspondiencia between the promotion and the communication of the selected rural house for the vacations. In order to avoid disagreeable surprises to the arrival a very interesting evaluation is the commentaries of the clients who already have stayed themselves in the establishment. In Sardinia the rural houses are a reality consolidated in all the provinces, with a good percentage of the facilities in the countryside and of mountain. The majority of the farms of the region has their own production and offers to the tourists not only the typical kitchen but also other initiatives and situations that still more put of relief the originality of the proposal. We are thinking about kitchen courses, qualification on natural coloration a traverse of essences of plants, the work in the farm on the part of the tourists in commonly the call labor vacations. Generally, the election of the rural house in Sardinia is excellent for the vacations in the island. It is as always important not to wait for the services of 5 stars or specific situations to the lodging in a hotel.. .